Nokia Contact Service Solution After Flash - Before Flash

Nokia Contact service solution for Nokia Mobile phones. In the past this problem occurred by downgrade firmware, when will mobile firmware downgrade mobile goes to Contact Service but this will get back by writing rpl because when downgrading Nokia, Mobile rpl damage and Imei gone corrupted.

What is Contact Service in Nokia?

Contact Service is a software issue that happens in Nokia mobile phone abnormal flash. This issue displayed on the screen when will mobile turn on. Also in the Bellow picture define the name of contact service.Bellow pictures are shown Contact Service, Nokia RM-1035 Nokia 130, Nokia 230 RM 1172 contact service.

in the picture, you can see contact service shown, because of these model flash with abnormal version. Reflash and check version problem will be solved.

Why Contact Service problem in New Nokia?

In new Nokia mobile phones, this issue happens because of Manufacture.This is a manufacturing fault.When Nokia fall in business, Microsoft bought it and print a Microsoft on the back of mobile phone and release a new model as Nokia 105. After a few time in 2016 HMD Global bought Nokia , logo, and software same but they type their name on the back sticker of the mobile phone you can check it beneath the battery.Here problem occurred as.If flash Nokia by Microsoft with HMD Global version you will get this problem or if flash HMD Global with Microsoft version you get this problem. 

Complete Video Guide How to Avoid Nokia Contact service Solution


 Before Flash Check This Information in  Nokia mobile

Before Flash Do simple steps and avoid contact service in Nokia mobile phones.check your version by infinity best dongle and flash with the same version you can check in the picture follow guides in below picture and you will be able to avoid contact service.

Do Steps to solve contact service 

After Flash Contact Service Solution

If you are using infinity best dongle and facing an issue in Nokia after flash follows these guides.
1- Run infinity Best dongle.
2- Go to Mediatek Tab.
3- Tick on reading RPL.
4- Click on Read Flash & get info about the mobile.
5- Check Version that is on your mobile and also check security is alive.
6- Check on the back of mobile phone beneath the battery if written Microsoft then flash with downgrade version, if written HMD Global then flash with upgrade version issue will be solved.In the bellow picture, wills show you how to remove contact service.

Before Flash Contact Service problem

If you receive a mobile with already issue follow this guides.go to media tech tab in the best dongle and read rpl check in the information of mobile phone security is alive or damage if security damage then no chance to recover it if security is alive then possible to recover it.

Follow the Bellow picture.

Flash with same version 

Here is a list of models that are having a problem after flash contact service.
Nokia 150 (it has legacy and hmd version) Nokia 105, Nokia 130, Nokia 216, Nokia 222, Nokia 230.

Note: Infinity best dongle Contact Service Remover is a paid tool 

       if you want to work with it you should buy it.

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Recoverable Models list After Flash Before Flash Nokia Contact Service.Click here